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Excruciating pain - Guest - 11-23-2020 01:04 AM

Please this feet pain in balls of foot can be very excruciating very agonizing and doctor doesn’t guarantee successful surgery so we can only rely on God’s supernatural miracle healing with my teeth and through out my whole body, also that our Thanksgiving turns out successful safe and blessed, as with yours aswell as with all my appointments soon. Yashua is Praised. Amen

RE: Excruciating pain - Guest - 11-23-2020 07:23 AM

Lord help this person with that pain on the ball of their feet. That can be Neuropathic pain, which comes from nerves damage and surgery will make it worse. I have suffered from it for years, mine came from diabetes and it can be caused also from RA, or from some of the medications they give us to take. Give them a complete healing Lord and from root that is causing of it. Give them your peace and the strength to keep on going loving you. Teach them to eat the right kind of food that won't irritate their condition more like spices and alcohol. if they are overweight help them to lose some of the weight so their feet will be less painful. I pray in the merciful name of Jesus Christ. Amen!